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Contract Disputes in Atlanta

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Contract disputes in civil litigation are some of the most frustrating and complicated legal matters a person or a company can come across. You may have signed an agreement in full confidence that the other end of the bargain would be upheld, only to have it fall through due to one mishap or another. Whether you are an individual dealing with a contract from a manufacturer or the head of a business trying to reestablish a binding partnership, a contract dispute should not be taken on alone.

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How Can Contract Disputes Arise?

The idea of a contract is that it is a legal document that tells both parties how to behave, and what they need to do for both to benefit. Sometimes this tit-for-tat setup is known as mutual compromises.

The contract may become breached when a party fails to successfully complete their compromise, usually in one of two common ways:

  1. Material breach: Something is done, or not done, that makes the contract itself broken in accordance to the law.
  2. Anticipatory breach: When one party indicates that they cannot or will not meet their obligation as defined by the contract.

Understanding Breaches and Disputes

Consider the following example of a typical and somewhat simple breach that would lead to a contract dispute requiring civil litigation: You hire a moving crew that guarantees they will pay for any damages they cause when shifting around your furniture. When they are carrying a large table, a leg breaks off and they drop it, shattering a window. Only, now they refuse to pay for the window because they claim your table’s rickety condition is the cause of the damage.

In this situation, you could make the claim that by hiring their services, you created a contract between you and the moving crew that also guaranteed you would pay for no damages during the move. They could, however, contest your claims with some sort of unannounced clause about owner liability. When you cannot agree, you have a contract dispute that requires civil litigation.

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