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Why Hire Our Atlanta
Foreclosure Attorney?

Foreclosures are notoriously complex processes, and once it has been triggered, you need to act skillfully and fast. With the right Atlanta foreclosure lawyer on your side, you can quickly assess the range of foreclosure defense options before you and successfully execute your game plan without missing a beat. At Schuyler Elliott & Associates, Inc, we have the proven experience and dedication to help you delay foreclosure, pull off a short sale, or avoid foreclosure altogether. You have options for saving your home, even if you've fallen behind on mortgage payments. Contact our attorneys at any time to get started saving your home today.

Why Choose Schuyler Elliott & Associates, Inc?

Schuyler Elliott is backed by 25+ years’ legal excellence, has helped thousands of clients, and is available 24/7 to deliver personalized counsel.

Foreclosures are time-sensitive matters, and we are ready to deliver the instant response you deserve. Even if it's the weekend or the Monday right before the foreclosure sale, our Atlanta foreclosure lawyer is ready to meet with you to explore your legal options.

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How Can I Avoid a Foreclosure?

Let an Experienced Atlanta Foreclosure Attorney Help

What are your foreclosure defense options in Atlanta, Georgia? Depending on the situation, it may be possible to show that the foreclosure is invalid or that your property has title issues, effectively delaying or even canceling out the foreclosure. You may even be able to contact the foreclosure law firm directly to work out a solution. Don’t hesitate to learn more about these and other options you may have for avoiding foreclosure from our foreclosure lawyer in Atlanta!

Atlanta Bankruptcy Services

Schuyler Elliott & Associates, Inc is your trusted Gwinnett County Bankruptcy Lawyer. At our firm, we understand that financial challenges can be incredibly stressful. We're here to help you navigate these difficulties with experience, compassion, and a commitment to your financial well-being. With a deep understanding of bankruptcy law, we've been assisting individuals and businesses in Gwinnett County for years. Our personalized approach ensures that we tailor strategies to meet your unique needs. Whether you're considering Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or need assistance with creditor negotiations, we're dedicated to helping you find a path to financial relief. Your fresh start is our priority. Contact us today and take the first step toward regaining control of your finances.

Discover Your Options for Delaying or Canceling out a Foreclosure.

The Foreclosure Process

  • Step 1 – A 30-day Notice of Intent to Foreclose
    A lender must notify the borrower 30 days prior to scheduling a foreclosure sale. There are specific parameters that must be meet when providing this notice and if not meet, then the notice can be deemed invalid.
  • Step 2 – Publicized Sale

    The lender must run a public advertisement for at least four weeks. This advertisement must be in an official, county newspaper where the property is located and must run at least once a week for four weeks before the sale.

    • Step 3 – Reinstating the Loan

      At this point, the borrower has the option to reinstate the loan. In Georgia, residents have the right to pay back money owed and reinstate the loan up to 5 days before the foreclosure sale. In some limited circumstances, a loan can be reinstated before the foreclosure sale is even schedule.

      • Step 4 – A Foreclosure Sale

        If a borrower is unable to pay the money owed and reinstate the loan, then a lender has the right to hold a foreclosure sale on the first Tuesday of the month.