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  • I would recommend him to my friends and family

    I contacted Mr. Elliott to assist me with a personal lawsuit. He was very upfront with what he could do to assist me and explained every step of the process. My issue was resolved within an acceptable time period. I found Mr. Elliott to be thorough and professional. I would recommend him to my friends and family should they be in need of legal assistance. Thank you Schuyler Elliot.

  • I hired Schuyler Elliott because he's honest, professional and upfront with his clients.

    I hired Schuyler Elliott because he's honest, professional and upfront with his clients. He helped me to comprehend legal documents and clearly explained words and legal language that most people would not know or understand. Schuyler is the best attorney that I have had the pleasure of working with. He's very knowledgeable about the laws and is genuinely concerned about his clients. He'll get the job done without hesitation and he's Great with communicating with his clients. If you're in need of a "Super Lawyer " he's the one for the job. My experience with Schuyler was so Terrific that I'd refer him to all of my family and friends. The best attorney is one that you can trust and one that you would rehire.

  • Exceptional Attorney

    I was very apprehensive about filing bankruptcy. I had been dealing with a lawsuit for several years which had seriously impacted me financially. After meeting with several attorneys to discuss my options, one of the attorneys referred me to Attorney Schuyler Elliott. Attorney Elliott was highly recommended as an attorney that could handle my very complex legal matters. When I met with Attorney Elliott, he was very straight forward about my situation and stated he enjoys taking on complex cases. Attorney Elliott many years of experience as a Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy attorney and his years of civil litigation experience as a trial attorney proved to be very important in my case. I am very thankful that he could represent me in all aspects of my legal case in Georgia. Also, I deeply appreciated Attorney Elliott willingness to share his thoughts on each step and he allowed me the opportunity to always state my feelings or options on how he felt we should proceed. I was always informed in great depth of what to expect and he answered all of my questions to my complete satisfaction. I found Attorney Elliott to be very easy to talk to which made it easy to ask questions or voice concerns about what would happen next. I highly recommend Attorney Schuyler Elliot. He is professional, appropriately straight-forward and will answer your questions honestly and handle your case with skill and integrity.

  • There is a lot to be said for " Having The Right Attorney."

    Thank you for your work and friendship. There is a lot to be said for " Having The Right Attorney." You were mine and it made all the difference in the world.

  • Professional, upfront and honest.

    Schuyler is honest and upfront and I love that about him. He made me feel very comfortable and goes above and beyond. He kept me in the right direction, explained everything to me and made sure I understood. He made it easy for me to go through a very difficult situation. Yes, he is my attorney, but I felt like he was more than that. I knew I was in good hands and would recommend him to anyone. He is a 10 period!

  • He is caring and very understanding.

    I am a client of Schuyler Elliott and would like to share with you how expeditiously he handled my case. He provided me with valuable information and recommendations as well as walked with me step by step during the process. He is caring and very understanding and not at all judgmental. I would highly recommend Attorney Elliott for any of your bankruptcy needs be it Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. He is very knowledgeable in both areas and he exceeded my expectations of him

  • If you are looking for one that will fight for your fair and just rights then call Schuyler Elliott.

    I was facing a Civil Action regarding a HELOC that was still pending after our Short Sale of our home back in 2010, we were served papers on February 12, 2015. We were being sued for $40,000 which included the principal balance, interest, and Attorney fees. I knew the principal amounts were not correct and I was not about to pay the attorney fees for the banks lawyers. I started researching legal counsel and began getting references from neighbors when Mr. Schuyler Elliott’s name came up. I was so upset when I called Mr. Elliott, he realized my concerns and was able to meet me within 24hrs. After reviewing our situation and discussing options I immediately chose Mr. Elliott to represent my family. Mr. Elliott understands the process and mechanics behind debt collections, he was able to begin negotiations, when it was determined no one was working for us Mr. Elliott filled a counter suit. At that point he got their attention, Mr. Elliott was able to recoup a portion of my fees paid to him, and got the balance of the original agreement down to $14,000, with no interest, and no Attorney fees to be paid to the other lawyer. We weren’t looking for a free hand-out. I had signed a Promissory Note and was making payments then stopped after taking advice from other’s that did not understand the legal ramifications of doing so. If you are looking for Legal Representation, one that is too the point, and one that will fight for your fair and just rights then call Schuyler Elliott, and tell him Jimmy the Hammer sent you. Take care and thanks again!

  • This is a great firm that gets results.

    This is a great firm that gets results. The lawyer was knowledgeable and advised us through a very lengthy and complicated process that worked out in our favor despite the odds. I highly recommend this firm.

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